EthConnect Review Honest Testing And Experience

Today I will be writing about my experience with EthConnect, I have communicated with the team members who seem to be Japanese and don’t seem to have the best english I’ve seen. I’ve seen a lot of FUD floating around on the forums and other social media such as reddit, in which people assume that EthConnect will exit scam.

I personally don’t think this will happen and I’ll expand below. If YOU want an 8% SIGNUP BONUS for EthConnect then sign up using the link below:

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So here are my reasoning’s for why I don’t believe EthConnect is a disappearing ICO scam:

1. .net website hosted by godaddy ( not cheap )
2. They are not selling even selling 1/3 of the tokens/coins. ( why would scammer keep 2/3 of his coin? )
3. No spelling or grammatical errors on website ( one letter typo , wrote mined instead of minTed )
4. They admit they use a modified Ponzi model but Bitconnect try’s to pretend they use the “Triangle System” like we are morons.
5. The website, roadmap and working platform suggest they put a lot more effort into this than other similar lending trading staking coins.
6. The FUD coming from the Bitconnect community shows how genuinely scared they are that this WILL replace them, we saw a little FUD with RegalCoin, WesternCoin and others but this is off the charts, they are shi#!ing their pants right now.

If we look at all of those points they are all valid and true, thanks for the share BTCTalk.

This system will likely grow to be a hundred million dollar market and much bigger than BitConnect or other competing systems therefore I can only be optimistic on this.

If you look at this website that explains they think EthConnect is not a scam and how the system would be a very safe investment early on.

Overall I don’t think you can go wrong investing early into EthConnect.