Microsoft has launched their completely new Xbox 360 Slim, technologically, it isn’t known as the Xbox 360 Slim, because it is not an alternative for that slightly older Xbox 360 styles, it’s their substitute, nevertheless, it’s a catchy label, thus it probably will stay as its unofficial label.

The brand new Xbox 360 slim carries a 250 GB hard drive as standard, even so the hard drive location takes a different approach compared to that from the outdated Xbox 360 system, the revolutionary placement is within the games console by itself, it’s still extractible, it is situated behind a panel along the side of the 360. The brand new hard drive is just not compatible with the elderly 360 designs, however you can still move your data with a simple cable that one could purchase from most video game stores, and it is straightforward to do.



Another improvement on the Xbox 360 slim is it now incorporates internal 802.11 b/g/n wifi connectivity, which Xbox 360 users obtaining this will be satisfied about since they will no longer ought to buy the wireless dongle accessories which costs around £40 or higher.

The latest Xbox has 5 USB ports, which is 2 more then the older 360 types. It’s got two on the front side and three about the back, on the back of your Xbox 360 slim, it also incorporates a AUX port which is specifically made to be used with Microsofts new Kinect motion system.

At this point to describe what exactly is new on the inside of the Xbox 360 slim. It has a new 45-nanometer chip design, which combines the CPU and GPU, which means that it reduces energy consumption up to 50% in some instances, it also causes it to be run less noisy. There isn’t much difference in processing power.

An incredible brand new feature of the Xbox 360 slim is how peaceful it is. The older versions sounded like an airplane was getting ready to pull off when it was loading a game or movie, however the new 360 runs quiet, you will notice the main difference without delay, and find out everything you have already been setting up with.

A missing component about the brand-new Xbox 360 slim is it no longer has storage device slots about the front from the console, however the brand-new update about the 360 means that any USB device can be used a memory device on the console, which means you don’t really need the memory slots anymore.

Thus our summary, if you’re looking to upgrade through your noisy, over heating system older Xbox 360 models, then this is obviously in your case. Microsoft have undoubtedly delivered within this account, the Xbox 360 was due for an renovation, and the new free Xbox 360 slim may be the end result. It’s also wise to have the Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter.

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