A recent buzz in the technology sphere was created with the launch of the Xbox 360 Kinect device. Many consumer specialists had their own share of an Xbox 360 Kinect review, offering various reactions regarding the game console add-on. To lessen your confusion on the device’s overall performance, take a look into this XBox 360 Kinect review.

Xbox 360 Kinect review – The Basics


Xbox 360 Kinect is another innovation in gaming from Microsoft especially developed for their gaming console, the Xbox 360. Kinect is a motion sensing input device that enables the player to utilize his whole body to control the game. Unlike similar motion-sensitive gaming devices which came out of the market ahead of it, Kinect doesn’t require the use of controllers and other devices during the game play – the player himself will serve as the controller. Xbox 360 Kinect is equipped with depth motion sensors, a motor, an RGB camera, and four microphones. The microphones that enable the player to command and navigate through the menu and games could also be used to communicate with friends over Xbox Live or Windows Live Messenger. The device is primarily controlled by gestures and voice recognition which gives off a more futuristic feel. With the elimination of game controllers, the Kinect for Xbox 360 encourages even non-gamers to play since it is their own body movements which will direct them as they play games.

Xbox 360 Kinect review – Public Response

There was an overwhelming response from the public when the Xbox 360 Kinect was first launched. According to an Xbox 360 Kinect review from the United States, there were about 133,333 units sold in North America alone in their first day of sales, giving a total of 8 million units sold in its first 60 days. The Xbox 360 Kinect had been applauded by many due to its high performance abilities. Another Xbox 360 Kinect review said its accurate transmission of movements by the players onto the game became one of the highlights of all the commendations this product had gained. Many Xbox 360 Kinect reviewers were amazed at how responsive the device is when capturing their actions and gestures especially in Kinect Sports where different levels of speed and force are applied. The most popular commendation for the Xbox 360 Kinect is its affordable price. However, there is an Xbox 360 Kinect review that appreciates the fact that a unit of Kinect costs around $149 which is more affordable than other gaming consoles around.

Xbox 360 Kinect review – Some Drawbacks

A few Xbox 360 Kinect reviews show customers who are not fully satisfied with the features of Xbox 360 Kinect. According to some of them, they had a hard time in setting up the device because it requires a distance of at least 6 feet from the Kinect sensors just so their image and movements can be captured into the game. Another Xbox 360 Kinect reviewer claimed that he manages to browse through menus and games faster using another game console that still use hand controllers. However, game enthusiasts still prefer Xbox 360 Kinect over other gaming consoles because of its advancements in motion gaming.

All in all, regardless of a not so flattering Xbox 360 Kinect review, the Xbox 360 Kinect still earns Microsoft a point in their goal to offer a brand new gaming experience within reach. Whether you’re a self confessed gaming aficionado or a non-gamer, you’ll definitely love this game.

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