How many of the top Xbox games do you already own?  If you love your Xbox you want to make sure to have a good mix of the top games to increase your fun.

What are the top Xbox 360 games which are on the “must-have” list?

Topping the list is the latest edition of Halo.  Halo Reach tops the list, and started there before it even hit the market.  Halo is a worldwide phenomena of intense interactive game play.  Microsoft hit a home run with the Halo series and it is continuing with Halo Reach.

Another of the hot series of games for the Xbox is Call of Duty from Activision.  These games are not only loved by the general population but are one of the most treasured games of military men worldwide.  It gives intense combat simulation situations which intrigue your mind, and draw you deeply into the game.  The latest version Call of Duty: Black Ops Edition takes you into the underground missions of the military.  Sometimes the best defense is an aggressive offense.

The Top Xbox Games You Do Not Want to Be Without

How many games can you think of which have managed to survive through 11 editions?  One of the most loved sports commentators and announcers of our time, John Madden in his partnership with Electronic Arts has managed to pull it off.  Each year the Madden series becomes more realistic thinning the line between playing a game and being in the middle of the action.  Madden Football 11 continues the tradition with more excitement of playing football on a game console.

While 11 editions in a sports game is amazing, can you imagine a Fantasy Role Playing game which is now in their 13th edition?  The Final Fantasy family of games from Square Enix takes you on epic quests of valor.  It has remained a hot game on all platforms because of the superior play, and story lines in Final Fantasy.

The one thing running common in all of these games is intensity and engrossment.  When you play these games you disappear into their worlds leaving today far behind.

Microsoft clearly understands the factor of intense fun needed in a game.  Their Fable II game is one of the hottest sellers for the Xbox 360 and Fable III appears to be on track to eclipse the level of game intensity and fun.  You can choose your character, go on quests, forge partnerships, and play for either good or evil.  Some days being evil feels really good.

Maybe you are needing a break from the intense engagement found in role playing, war simulation, or even racing games.  Sometimes just sitting back and playing pinball or another arcade game can be the best stress breaker at the end of the day.  Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection is the perfect game for those moments when your mind is not ready for intense action, but you want to have some fun on your Xbox.

One of the best ways to get maximum enjoyment from top Xbox games is to quit focusing on only one category and start getting some variety in your action.  Your interest, challenges, and enjoyment will all increase with a great balance of War, Fantasy, Racing, and Arcade action.