Playing on an Xbox or Xbox 360 alone can be fun, but it is nothing compared to jumping online and playing Xbox Live games.  The interaction, competition, and bonuses which come with playing online multiply the fun many magnitudes.

To start with Xbox Live Gold allows you to play against your friends online.  Whether it is your best friend from school, or a new friend from overseas, you can battle, explore, and interact while being engrossed in your world of play.

While interactive multi-player games is one of the biggest bonuses of Xbox Live it barely scratches the surface of the fun you can have.  How often do you get tired of the games you already own and want to try something new?  With Xbox Live you can download the hottest new demos and give the games a try before you go out and spend your money.  You can learn if the game is intoxicating or simply infuriating.  You can find demos you can download and play right now.


Maybe your budget does not allow for running out and buying new console games all the time.  Xbox Live can help with this, too.  You can play Xbox Live Arcade games and save money while keeping the boredom away.  Games like Castle Crashers, Battlefield 1943, or even Doom II can keep you entertained late into the night instead of repeating the same old levels over again and again.

Xbox Live is famous for inviting in the independent developers, too.  Instead of getting caught up in only the offerings of the major players in the gaming world you can find indie game titles like, Miner Dig Deep, Zombie Estate, or Globe Clicker.  This gives you even more options to expand your game playing experience, usually at very low prices.

What about those nights you are tired of playing games?  With Xbox Gold you just kick on over to Netflix and start watching movies.  If you are not wanting to watch movies but are looking for a little social interaction, jump into Xbox Live Parties and Video Chat.

The Xbox standing alone in your room is great fun, but when connected to the internet and enhanced with Xbox Live it becomes a home entertainment gold mine.

Once you have signed up for Live you may need to get a calendar and alarm clock to make sure you do not miss important appointments.  You will become engaged in using your Xbox in many different ways to satisfy almost every type of entertainment need you have.

Live may sound a little isolating until you consider it opens up the entire world to your exploration.  You can have competitors, team mates, and friends in every corner of the globe.  You may soon discover your real isolation occurs when you shut down the Xbox and head out into the real world once again.  Your options with Xbox Live are going to make your senses spin.