Within Arm's Length
Dan Emmett

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About my latest book, Within Arm's Length: A Secret Service Agent's Definitive Inside Account Of Protecting The President.  (Revised Edition)

An essential work for anyone contemplating a career in the United States Secret Service, Within Arm's Length is the story of my journey through the coveted career of Special Agent, United States Secret Service—from the application process to my retirement as an assistant to the special agent in charge on the elite Presidential Protective Division (PPD).  Here I discuss some of my more high-profile assignments, including the PPD and the Counter Assault Team where I had the honor of providing arm's length protection worldwide for Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and George W. Bush.  In addition, I conclude this book with an account of my post retirement entry into, and service in the CIA. 

This one of a kind in-depth memoir/historical account describes the highly competitive selection process of a Secret Service agent that has been described as statistically more difficult to complete than gaining entry into Harvard.  Agent training is heavily discussed along with a first hand description of both the investigative duties of the Secret Service and the intense experience of serving on PPD where an agent must be prepared to willingly give up their lives for the president at any given moment if necessary. Included are never before discussed topics such as the complicated relationship between presidents, first ladies and their agents, the inner workings of Secret Service protective operations as well as the seldom mentioned challenges of the complex Secret Service cultural issues faced by an agents family.  Within Arm's Length also shares firsthand details about the duties and challenges of conducting presidential advances, dealing with the media that constantly surround the presidnet, driving the president in a bullet-proof limousine, running alongside him through the streets of Washington, and flying with him on Air Force One.

I believe anyone with an interest in the federal law enforcement and intelligence communities will agree that this work is truly the "essential" book of the Secret Service. 


About the Author

Dan Emmett earned a bachelor's degree from North Georgia College in criminal justice and a master's degree from Troy University. A former captain in the US Marine Corps, he worked twenty-one years as a special agent in the US Secret Service.  Subsequent to retiring from the Secret Service Emmett was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency where he worked six more years, primarily in the Directorate of Operations. Emmett is currently an adjunct professor of criminal justice and security consultant for the United States Government as well as the private sector.