Upcoming Events

Tech Innovators Conference 2023

  • Date: December 5-7, 2023
  • Location: Silicon Valley Conference Center, CA
  • Description: Join us at the forefront of technology and innovation. Our annual conference brings together industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and innovative startups to discuss the future of technology in business. Expect keynote speeches from thought leaders, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities with professionals from around the globe.

Dan Emmett Hackathon

  • Date: January 15, 2024
  • Location: Online
  • Description: Coders, designers, and innovators unite! Our virtual hackathon challenges you to solve real-world problems using cutting-edge technology. Collaborate with peers and compete for prizes in this 48-hour coding sprint.

AI & Machine Learning Symposium

  • Date: March 22, 2024
  • Location: New York City Tech Hub
  • Description: Explore the transformative powers of AI and machine learning. This symposium features workshops on AI integration, panel discussions on ethical AI, and presentations of the latest research in the field.

Cloud Tech Summit

  • Date: May 10, 2024
  • Location: Chicago Tech Park
  • Description: Elevate your understanding of cloud technology at our summit. Dive into sessions on cloud security, infrastructure, and SaaS models, and connect with cloud service providers and industry experts.

Cybersecurity Workshop

  • Date: August 14, 2024
  • Location: Online Webinar
  • Description: Secure your knowledge with our cybersecurity workshop. Learn about the latest trends in digital security, participate in live threat simulations, and gain insights into protecting your business from cyber threats.

Past Events:

Digital Transformation Expo

  • Highlights: Our experts led a panel on the impact of digital transformation across various sectors. The event showcased successful case studies and provided a roadmap for businesses looking to digitize their operations.

IoT World Conference

  • Highlights: Dan Emmett presented a keynote on the integration of IoT solutions in smart city development. The conference included demos of the latest IoT devices and discussions on IoT security.

Mobile Tech Forum

  • Highlights: We hosted a series of workshops on developing mobile applications for enterprise solutions. The forum also included app design competitions and a showcase of emerging mobile technologies.

Big Data & Analytics Conference

  • Highlights: Our data scientists participated in a hackathon to solve challenges using big data. The conference also featured seminars on leveraging data analytics for strategic business decisions.

To register for upcoming events or for more information, please visit the individual event pages. We look forward to seeing you there and engaging with the community to foster innovation and growth.